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Mascot Experience

Let our skilled performers take your event or brand to the next level, creating magical moments and making your vision come alive.

Professional Performers

We take pride in our ability to bring life and magic to any event or brand. Our professionally trained mascots are not just characters; they are the embodiment of your vision, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Safety First

Safety is our priority. Our thorough training programs ensure that our performers are well-prepared for any situation. Additionally, we have Minders with every performer to provide an extra layer of safety. They are the performers eyes and ears to ensure a safe experience for all.

Mascot Training

Already have a mascot and performer? No problem!

We offer 4-hour and 8-hour professional training classes for your performers so they can become top-notch entertainers! Learn mascot skills, safety and get real in-suit, public experience.

Mascot Catalogue

Our characters are ready for your next event!

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us below for more options.

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